Sep. 13th, 2011

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If anyone tries to mention X-event sucks on both sides of the spectrum - said anyone is immediately shut down by the SJ-Warriors because 'it never happens to men, the stereotype revolves around women'.

... ... ...

Trick, sit down and STFU. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! How can you holler and scream about stereotype being so unfair when in your so-called attempt to educate, you just force fed it down the throat of a person who is trying to give you what you want - good ol' fashioned EQUALITY.

That shit right there puts my panties in a big ol twist. If you want something done right, don't fucking do it wrong! Sitting there yammering about how women are so disadvantaged doesn't equal them suddenly getting AN advantage. To me, its no different than a furry going 'Bwaaah' cuz they can't go to a god damn furry con cuz they blew their check on a Starfinder commission that she'll never cough up!

Shit stinks. Regardless of your gender, dammit. Stop trying to compare or one-up in order to 'show the other side's privilege'. Because if you ask me, there are two privileges that everyone (E V E R Y O N E) is entitled to - clean water, and food.

But we can't even get THAT straightened out so why cry about something as ridiculous as that?


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