Dec. 12th, 2011

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I am getting very tired of people assuming that Artists Beware is a 'drama community'. The community itself is not this so-called drama bomb everyone makes it out to be. Its those who wish to abuse the community (Acorn & KravenLupei), those who have no respect for the community (West & TheWielder) and those who are truly ignorant of the community and its purposes (see: the rest of the internet, especially FA) that are attempting to give A_B the unflattering blush of 'drama'.

No disrespect to FD_2 or FTW, but I've noticed that all the issues surrounding A_B now got a little worse when people began posting smaller incidences of A_B issues into those comms on the whole, or in the case of West, putting A_B's mod-team on the spot for not allowing the original post after we as a team deemed it unfitting for the comm. But although in the end we accepted a version of it - word of that incident had already spread far and fucking WIDE. Twitter is pro at getting gossip to make the rounds if the right person(s) set it off. So that's also a big giant stick in our community's collective eyeball as well.

These people who keep wishing A_B could go back to the way it use to be have no clue of what they speak. Truly. Any and all drama posts in A_B are anomalies simply based off some very simple criteria that are completely out of the control of the mods up to a certain point. We could ban a problem user, but what's stopping that user from bolting to their own journals or artspaces, etc to continue the snowball? Too many factors but not enough realization of them.

Basically, to TL;DR this post, I'm sick of people talking out of their ass or thinking that the way A_B was before the mod team grew and stepped it up was the ideal.


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