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I adore Mr.Factsman cuz he has his moments that are just win. His deadpan wit kills me moreso that Dr.House's (another coworker... aptly named. Looks and acts just like Dr. House) ever could.

But man... not only does he have a case of 'weight of world on shoulders' (very big into conspiracy theories, 'getting back at the man' kind of things. Dreamers of ol... this guy is kinda like Forrest, but actually likeable) but he also gets disturbingly pensive if he gets into a tiff with anyone. -.- He was very moody today at closing because of one he had today with a coworker ('George' from the last entry, of whom I shall now dub 'Adderall' cuz the jackass needs some) and he just could not let it go. D:

I suggested he try, just for a bit to calm down - and then I promptly got told that he can't lest he feel shallow. :/ That kinda hurt seeing as I'm pretty damn GOOD at going 'oh I had a fight... oh LOOK kittens on YouTube'. Don't get me wrong, I know not everyone can use the same sort of 'defense mechanism' but hell, even I eventually return to the issue at hand! Its just to me... its a GOOD thing to shut your brain off to crap that'll only stress you out further I mean why work yourself into an frenzy over some illogical folderol!? Bah!

I just wish I could whack the guy to make him see the sense in NOT HOLDING THE GRUDGE. *flappy hands*
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Instead of my Disneyland recap, I have decided to get the important announcement out and out immediately.

Read here. )
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DISNEYLAND! And California Adventure! It was so much fucking fun. I even was dorky enough to run around with a pair of mouseears on. Teehee. So much to write about and share pics of but no time yet. Gotta go to work.

No stress. No worries. No bad days.

Also. After I share my Disneydaycation with you guys, I am going to make a very important announcement regarding a very 'bigoted' issue that's been floating around recently.
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Don't fuck with me today.

I'm going to Disneyland.


Jun. 26th, 2011 12:10 am
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Stop using this word. Stop using it right now.

You lost the privilege use it, when you... actually decided to sit there and assume the incorrect thing about a group of people who have to attempt to balance a very large majority of minorities. Missteps will occur, but they will be corrected with fairness, not pitchforks. Have you SEEN the warm response the Westboro Baptist Church gets?

Stand with some humility rather than some false sense of superiority. Ears will be more inclined to listen and listen well.
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I'm back in San Diego waiting for the train to take me to Oceanside. I have the blog post from HELL coming up y'all watch out.

T^T Waaah

Apr. 25th, 2011 08:57 pm
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Srs business RIP. Laptop fan died. So... unless I can sneak onto my dad's shitty Win 2000 comp with the bad keyboard... no internets period. >.< Fail. So hard.

ChkrbrdPrincess = Twitter.
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My desktop computer is not booting Windows. Its probably toast.

My laptop's power cord's been broken and the battery is shitty and it died.

I will not be around much unless you follow me on Twitter which I will only be able to use via text as I do not have mobile web.

I kinda wish I made more $$ at this con... coulda bought a comp. D:
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You will have seen me bitch about someone sitting next to me... who is a tracer. Her name is Vanessa Lamarche ( This chick went to AI along with my friend Michelle and her fiancee Matt - graduated different years and on different tracks... this girl apparently was in the animation division? And... she claims weakness with human anatomy, so she traces to get a clean look and higher output.

I wonder if she traced during school too.

But yeah, I told the head of the Dealer Hall. She was pissed. We caught her again, and Matt even confronted her, which is... how we found out so much about her. But... no. Just know. I know I'm weak in anatomy (I'm weak in alot of areas dammit) but no. Just no. Even if the temptation is there... NOOOOOOO~

ESPECIALLY at a con where you are taking money for this crap! Ugh!

And I also love how she has her girlfriend behind the HALF TABLE with her... doing the color-work. Welp, not tomorrow cuz Barrie (Dept. Head) don't like it.

I think I'mma end up with enemies at this con... especially cuz one of her BFFs is her tablemate. Oh LOL. :/ Oh well.
checkerboardprincess: A headshot of a humanized cheesecake female pouting. (wtf!!) this person wants to review a product from my Etsy store, Checkerboard Princess ( Which is interesting yet advantageous? I dunno. My shop is still a baby, and I don't even have a quarter of the supplies I need (still need some air dry clay and silicon caulk, no time for modelling cream right now!). Her channel has okay views I suppose.

Couldn't hurt to send her a charm or a pair of earrings could it? I wonder...


Also: I really fucking miss my LJ sub. Must... renew...! @_@
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The Suites finally got back to me with a confirmation email. Of course, it'd help if the ninnies got my email right (xaibezginz? wat?), so after playing the 'x as in x-ray' game they got the shit right. lolololol.

Room is labeled for four adults. I don't care if there are six. I will care if there are more. Only drama is that apparently they gave us one damn bed (claimed in the name of the females!). I'll try again later to see if I can get two beds... or at least see if we can't get a roll away or something. The sofa already counts as a sleeping area anyway.

Check-in is on Thursday the 19th, Check-out is on Monday the 23rd.

The confirmed attendees as far as I know are myself, Dat and Oni (if this is wrong lemme know;)

The possibles know who they be.

I need solid affirmatives by May 1st, 2011, so that I may bill you all proper. Like I said in my last post regarding ACen rooming, I want payment in my PayPal by at least the week of unless we discuss it all prior. Please keep this post in mind. I even have it tagged special so don't forget it.

Any questions?

EDIT: P.S. Please pray I get into their bloody Artist Alley. or I will be a very saaaaad pandy.

EDIT 2: Room rate is $175/night. Room is booked under my name. We have it for four (4)nights (19th-22nd, check out on 23rd). When I know how many will be in the room, I will split the bill.
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In my life? LOL I guess. Belated Happy New Year. I already got my first cold of the year. GO ME! I blame the fact I am not use to the snow, and I went to said snow the other day. I got beaned in the head and down the back with lots of that foreign white stuff. LOTS OF IT. Stupid violent friends. X/

I also popped my left knee out on the 19th of December, and it still hurts like a bitch if I walk too long, or put too much weight on it. I can't 'lock' it anymore either like I can my right. It hurts too much too. I need a brace...

Having this last pay period be depressingly... bad. Considering nearly 2/3rds of my workweek was rained out... ugh. I want the paycheck that'll be coming on the day before my birthday. THAT will be a badass check. I wannnt itttt (cuz I'm stupid broke as it is).

I need to get my learner's permit all over again. Since I fail at life (well more like the DMV does), and was unable to get a test in before it expired. Too bad I'm too broke for this atm.

Fuckin' California. ~.~ If you weren't so broke, there'd be more days to try for this shit instead of more closures/furloughs.

I'm hoping to get a face paint gig for sometime in February. Only worry is that the lady told me the last face painter they hired for an event charged $30/hr. That's pathetically low for a face painter in this area. In fact it almost ruins the business for the rest of us. I priced myself on my average sales/hr at work. Its actually somewhere around $95/hr, but I lowered it to $85. Most other painters in the Southern California region I've run into are triple digits...

I wonder if $30/hr even covers this last painter's overhead. For two hours, that's only $60 and barely pays for half my set of facepaints, and if it was a particularly busy two hours, some of my major colors would most likely need to be replaced afterwards - meaning in the end,if it were me, I'd have barely broke even. :/ Some people just assume anything over $8 should be A-OK. Oi.

In other newsy news, I personally got sick of trying to code and recode and code again several 'mini-sites' for all the various stuff I do now (artwork, jewelry, facepainting), so I've taken the plunge and gotten on the Word Press bandwagon after seeing how nice clean and shiny Neo's siblog (site+blog!) is. I'm trying it out here I've been spending most of my time playing with themes, but I think I like this one. Now, since I've done up my blogroll with sites I hit and stuffs - onto content!

Nothing is gonna stay the same really. I think. I DUNNO! I might just can the whole project (doubt it:). Tell me whatcha think of the skelly!

Annnnd.... I need to go to bed so my ass can get well. *zonk*

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Happy birthday [ profile] _patches_!

*bunny hops in your honor*
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Its nice to try and get a reasonable deal on something. And we all want to make money. But its going to get harder to get the former, when the latter cheat to get their green.

Tired of going to ebay and/or etsy to make my 'shopping list' of supplies I need for finishing my charms and stuff (or stuff to help MAKE them) and seeing lots of X for like... $0.99 or a buck, but always always have a S&H pricing of $10 or more.

So you know they're doing it that way so they can avoid getting a chunk of their profits cut, but what's the point? 8| Just fucks everyone up in the end... grr.

Note to self: Start to only look at stuff from US sellers. >
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Not my weekend.

First, rain. When it rains I don't work. No work equals no money. :/

Secondly, my friend's brother went on her AIM and left a really cryptic message, as if something bad happened to her which left me scared and sick until she confirmed with me her brother was just being a douche because he didn't believe I was me.

Third, I went to said friend's house for a Christmas party... slipped and fell on my ass and shit, Sailormoon style, where your knees go in, your feet stick out and your hands end up in your lap and shit. Left knee popped. Now I cannae walk. Fuck.

Four is in there somewhere. Oh yeah its 3:20am and I shoulda bee n in bed. But my KNEE HURTS. Ugh.
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Okay ladies and gents, if you are planning to attend ACen in 2011, and need a room. You need to talk to me this year instead of [ profile] databank. Give the poor man a break (*gives Kit-Kat bar*).

I will be attempting to get a room at the Embassy Suites again, rather than the Hyatt (free breakfast? FUCK YEAH). And there is one thing completely different about this run of rooming.

I'm gonna require room coverage in my PayPal account two weeks (that ought to cover different pay periods) before the actual convention.

If you would rather not use PayPal, we'll need to talk Mano-a-Mano about it, prior to the convention.

So far there are 2 3 interested parties in the room, aside from myself (+ one in limbo). I'll probably take another 2-3 folks at the most.

Declare thine intentions of attending the Convention and sharing the room here.

PS: Cross your fingers/pray I get knocked off the waitlist for ArtistAlley and into confirmed territory. X3
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I basically stayed up all night last night as an hour and fifteen of sleep is not a real sleep! 8|

Reason why? Well if you have me on twitter, I spammed you about it. Last night I watched Utada Hikaru's final concert before she goes on hiatus, WILD LIFE. It was on and was from 2am PST to 4:30am. Which was ungodly since I had shit to do today but I FOUND IT WORTH IT.

Over 20 songs, three 'costume' changes and all of them my favorites, even the two I didn't know because they're the new tracks on her Single Collection 2 which I do not OWN yet. And then there was the Interlude of EPICNESS that used one of the interludes from her Ultra Blue album and it was just beautiful and pwn. I cannot believe I'm saying this but I really hope someone was able to rip the stream... I WANT THAT SONG. @w@

The concert was really simple, but then again Hikki an artist like Ayu or Namie who has FUCK TONS of crazy shit going on. It was a simple round stage with lights at the edge. The standout parts where the space ship intro, the space ship looking weird chandelier thing which dropped to the stage and dropped her down onto a pedestal during the first song (her 'last' single Goodbye Happiness).

From there it was new song to old song to even older song (and a cover! Across the Universe!) and she even played piano for a few numbers, and she spoke to the crowd. I was lucky, because my friend Michie 'went' to the concert with me and was able to not exactly translate but give me a really big picture of what she was saying, talking about her hiatus and all. It was very sad, but very beautiful. Especially at the end when she walked off stage and the crowd was just screaming we love yous and praise. You could see the tears in her eyes, and when she bowed that final time I wanted to scream myself (but its was like 5am I couldn't do that).

I did cry though (Am crying now recalling the concert!). I feel a little SILLY for it, but I can't help it. Aside from Dreams Come True and TWO-MIX, Utada Hikaru was my first true music love. Not just like. But love. The kind of love where you actually learn as much as you can without being a creeper, support them even when they have a crap ton of haters (I.E: Her single Easy Breezy got so much hate, but dammit its cute!), and just feel pride knowing you're a fan of such a badass musician.

I adored her from the start, and love how the two of us are a bit similar, not counting our birthday (I totally wanna send her a birthday card btw)! To see her leave the stage for such a long unknown time makes me nervous that she might not come back, and then I'd just be done for (haha). But Hikki will return, she's like the cat that came back the very next day. Only much more adorable.

I am blessed and grateful I was able to stay up and witness this final pre-hiatus concert, and am very glad that she and her company decided to share it with the world as well. There was sixty thousand of us tuned into that concert last night. Sixty thousand pleased fans who love Hikki to bits.

But not as much as I do. ♥

EDIT: WILD LIFE set list:
Goodbye Happiness
Prisoner of Love
Hymne a Lamour
Sakura Drops


Show Me Love (Not A Dream) (New)
Stay Gold
Boku wa Kuma
First Love
Flavor of Life
Beautiful World
Nijiiro Basu

"Close" of Concert, Encore cheering!

Across the Universe cover
Can't Wait Til Christmas (New)
Time Will Tell
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Every week I have to do my hair.

Big given in the fact I am not Caucasian/Asian or well anything with the 'good hair', doing my hair is an ORDEAL! Specially because now my hair is natural and needs more of everything.

In the morning to-mid afternoon I get out my conditioner, water and detangler. I section off my hair into as many chunks as I can with available rubber bands. Then I work all three products into each section of hair from root to tip, making sure the hair is pretty much sopping. And then I get to comb! From tip to root I get to fight dust, tangles, dandruff and crap in order to make my hair ready to be washed :/ Its so fun... (btw I have tried doing it daily... was even worse @_@)

Why I have to do so? Well I have very very kinky hair, no not sexual kinky, kinky can refer to hair too. Better example? Google Macy Gray and what she looked like when she made her come out. Big ass nappy fro. That is what my hair becomes if I wash it first, comb it after. Its impossible to manage and I have to wait for it to dry and put me back at square one to fix.

Next comes washing. Once with an all natural sulfate free shampoo meant for natural hair, and then a second time with apple cider vinegar. I smell like crap afterward.

After washings there is two things I could do after drying my hair. I could either A) condition (again!) and style in such a way that it'll last me until next wash day (usually by making a bunch of twists in my hair that LOOK like dreadlocks). Or B) give my hair a blow out, turning my nappy curls partially straight, but still a pain to manage (because now I've taken very thick hair and made it BIG AND THICK hair).

I did the latter today so I could get it braided. @_@ Owwww. But interesting in the fact that now my hair, which was bout an inch above my shoulders is now at my shoulder blades. All in a year, almost a year and a half. Yay natural!
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Get out the Geritol and the shuffleboard, Scotty and Trevor are -old-! =D

Happy birthday [ profile] kliefox & [ profile] roland_scythe!
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