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You will have seen me bitch about someone sitting next to me... who is a tracer. Her name is Vanessa Lamarche ( This chick went to AI along with my friend Michelle and her fiancee Matt - graduated different years and on different tracks... this girl apparently was in the animation division? And... she claims weakness with human anatomy, so she traces to get a clean look and higher output.

I wonder if she traced during school too.

But yeah, I told the head of the Dealer Hall. She was pissed. We caught her again, and Matt even confronted her, which is... how we found out so much about her. But... no. Just know. I know I'm weak in anatomy (I'm weak in alot of areas dammit) but no. Just no. Even if the temptation is there... NOOOOOOO~

ESPECIALLY at a con where you are taking money for this crap! Ugh!

And I also love how she has her girlfriend behind the HALF TABLE with her... doing the color-work. Welp, not tomorrow cuz Barrie (Dept. Head) don't like it.

I think I'mma end up with enemies at this con... especially cuz one of her BFFs is her tablemate. Oh LOL. :/ Oh well.
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In my life? LOL I guess. Belated Happy New Year. I already got my first cold of the year. GO ME! I blame the fact I am not use to the snow, and I went to said snow the other day. I got beaned in the head and down the back with lots of that foreign white stuff. LOTS OF IT. Stupid violent friends. X/

I also popped my left knee out on the 19th of December, and it still hurts like a bitch if I walk too long, or put too much weight on it. I can't 'lock' it anymore either like I can my right. It hurts too much too. I need a brace...

Having this last pay period be depressingly... bad. Considering nearly 2/3rds of my workweek was rained out... ugh. I want the paycheck that'll be coming on the day before my birthday. THAT will be a badass check. I wannnt itttt (cuz I'm stupid broke as it is).

I need to get my learner's permit all over again. Since I fail at life (well more like the DMV does), and was unable to get a test in before it expired. Too bad I'm too broke for this atm.

Fuckin' California. ~.~ If you weren't so broke, there'd be more days to try for this shit instead of more closures/furloughs.

I'm hoping to get a face paint gig for sometime in February. Only worry is that the lady told me the last face painter they hired for an event charged $30/hr. That's pathetically low for a face painter in this area. In fact it almost ruins the business for the rest of us. I priced myself on my average sales/hr at work. Its actually somewhere around $95/hr, but I lowered it to $85. Most other painters in the Southern California region I've run into are triple digits...

I wonder if $30/hr even covers this last painter's overhead. For two hours, that's only $60 and barely pays for half my set of facepaints, and if it was a particularly busy two hours, some of my major colors would most likely need to be replaced afterwards - meaning in the end,if it were me, I'd have barely broke even. :/ Some people just assume anything over $8 should be A-OK. Oi.

In other newsy news, I personally got sick of trying to code and recode and code again several 'mini-sites' for all the various stuff I do now (artwork, jewelry, facepainting), so I've taken the plunge and gotten on the Word Press bandwagon after seeing how nice clean and shiny Neo's siblog (site+blog!) is. I'm trying it out here I've been spending most of my time playing with themes, but I think I like this one. Now, since I've done up my blogroll with sites I hit and stuffs - onto content!

Nothing is gonna stay the same really. I think. I DUNNO! I might just can the whole project (doubt it:). Tell me whatcha think of the skelly!

Annnnd.... I need to go to bed so my ass can get well. *zonk*



Nov. 3rd, 2010 12:12 am
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I had the thought to advertise myself to a local face painting forum as a webpage 'cleaner', to professionalize a few face painter websites myself and Wendy have come across. And our first thoughts were 'Oh god its Geocities circa 1998 all over again'. You can see a few gems here

I mean, it wouldn't be too terribly hard to do and might be a decent source of additional income that doesn't need me to draw(I love drawing, but I have to admit it to myself, I R SLOW -.-), but the downfalls I suppose could and would be that I'm pretty behind on HTML since I'm like... HTML 4 point wat. XHTML lol what code porn? Don't even try me on something like say... php. And my CSS likes to break if I'm not watching my fingers while I write it. =\ My confidence in not being up to date is a bit of a... crutch? Yeah that.

There is also the fact that these ladies probably would go 'well I don't NEED my site redone, I did it myself and I still get business'... Stuff like that. Most of these women are 40+ (when me and Wendy plus a few others went to a Jam in SD... we WERE considered children. That's the large gap in the ages) and probably set in there way... I'm prevaricating and flailing at the same time. Woo.

I dunno. I suppose I could change my signature to reflect my service and hope someone bites...

I mean... I can do good work! See?! and

They're simple... clean... still have (or will have) images everywhere, but still good =D Right?

Ugh~ head hurts. Thinking too much bad! XD
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This is an interesting thought. Many of you may or may not know or even care, but I classify myself as Christian, but I'm a bad one. Much like how you can be a Bad Catholic. As in 'non-practicing'.

I don't attend church (willingly), I don't quite read the bible, and I abhor anyone attempting to give me religious tracts/books or gifts. I hate anyone attempting to give me the former, because like I've said to Keiran, if you can't witness to me with your words before foisting a book upon me, I don't want to hear it, and I won't take the book, because it'll just end up litter and that's kind of a double slap to God and Christ. The latter... well no one knows my taste, and I'd rather not wear my religion on my sleeve, or... a t-shirt.

But today, after leaving a nice little 'sermon' of thoughts on my facebook regarding teens and suicide, I get approached both on and off facebook to become a mentor to a high-school ministry group? Sounds interesting, and I'd love to make a difference, but one wonders if my 'bad-Christian' (and also very 'liberal' what with my pro-choice, gays deserve marriage outlook) actions would be more of a hindrance in that settle than a help.

I think if anything, I'd rather 'minister' to a non-denominational group. Reach a wider audience, and use a safer turn of phrase, and not have to well... make TOO much of a fool of myself.

This make sense? I'm so weird! XD
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Note to self #1: If going to LA, make a day trip out of it. Don't leave at 4:30 and think you'll make it to LA in two hours and 45 WITH TRAFFIC like Google Maps said.

Note to self #2: Be sure you know that they're tearing parts of the freeway apart after midnight and there are detours everywhere. And we mean -everywhere-.

Note to self #3: Bring. Earplugs. The after-effects of throbbing eardrums and feeling underwater? Not worth it.


Note to self #5: ... learn the names of the members of the bands you're seeing so you don't scream "I LOVE YOU MAN-SKIRT" and "I LOVE YOU LONG-HAIRED ONE" as Dir En Grey is leaving the stage.

Note to self #6: Continue to be impressed at little Japanese men with fucking epic vocal ranges. And at the fact four Finnish men, three with cellos and one on Drums can some how be fucking 'metal'.

So... with all these notes to self, you wonder if I had a great time.

In reality I did. It was super painful loud but good seeing as how it was my first experience with all three of the bands playing (Evaline/Evalune fuck if I know their real name it was too loud to hear, Dir En Grey and Apocalyptica).

But yeah, loud music, booze, fun... it was just a hassle getting BACK to San Diego due to all the fuckery on the 110 and the I-5. Blah! Next time we take I-5 to the 405. Can't fuck up there.

But now, I try to heal my wounded ears... and maybe sleep some more.

PS: Don't ask me what they sang. I KNOW NOTHING OF IT ALL. It didn't help that when the Finnish did try to talk it... vaskindasometingkindalikethisvithalotofmushyvushydictation
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I'm in foot pain, tired but pleased. I got an anime (Glass Mask), four Copic sketch markers (I miss Carpe Diem *sob* The other places are shit!), the Lackadaisy book and the first issue of The Meek, both signed, as well as the last two issues of Stormbringers, signed.

I attracted much attention in my Orion starfleet outfit. Enough that Jorick took my bags and just wandered around as my pack mule. Feel a lil' bad about that. But it was ridiculous! I'd wander, get stopped, more photographers would appear and I'd be standing there awhile, so the whole drop stuff, pick stuff up, drop stuff thing got old. Fast. Like... 15 minutes fast. XD

Give it a bit and I think I'll find myself everywhere. Sorta. Three interviews (four?) I wish I remembered the first, the second I arm wrestled a British man (really hot) and lost. It was fun. Especially because we did it on the floor (Channel 4). The last one (YouTube, Kassemg) was a bit creepy, but I played off. I hope. I just wish he didn't say he wanted to eat my face. lol. The last one was after the hall closed while we were having dinner, we had just left and were about to leave when these ladies from BUST Magazine approached me. They had seen me at a panel I went to (Where are the Action Chicks?), and wanted to photog and interview me but I ran off and they also wanted Adrienne Curry who was there and on the panel (and dressed as a really pretty slave Leia). So they got to play with me for about half an hour, taking my pictures and such. She (the photographer) liked how well I could hold a pose (as well as my dimples) while she fussed with her camera.

Practice. Lots. Seriously!

I'll be in their next posting (yay!), so that'll be badass.

My friends who are working the Clash of the Titans booth looked really cute in their outfits. They seemed bored though, only being able to paint people stone. For 10 hours a day! Haha horrible (until you know how much they're getting paid). The BUST ladies were taken over to meet them and they got a picture of one, Wendy (my fave :p).

From a make up perspective, I gotta give everyone I saw who painted themselves props. Its not easy. Especially full/partial body. So I can slightly forgive the lack of smoothness (I mean, airbrush guns aren't cheap), but I still have to wonder how they got their goods on. I mean, it looks like either sponge or fingers, maybe brush. But I used all three to paint myself and I had a much MUCH smoother effect. Is it experience? Patience? Time (I got up at 4am and was to be picked up @ 7:30)? Not sure. But I almost wanna offer a service (maybe a panel with some other makeup artists?) for that. I hate seeing great outfits tarnished by very streaky makeup. I even instructed some ladies who were apparently going to be Orions on what I used, how and the best way to get the clean look I did and how to protect it(they approached me on it, haha). I hope they turn out fabulous.

The panel I spoke of early, Where are the Action Chicks? I liked it. Funny. And eye opening. People have talked about and called for a Wonder Woman movie for awhile. Funny thing is, when you think the big WW, you might imagine Linda Carter. So that means having to find an actress of Linda's similar caliber and appeal (not Megan fucking Fox). Her boots are pretty big, following wise.

Another interesting thing is, that they said something I can take as a fact. If they cannot do a Wonder Woman movie, if they cannot do it to the glaring success of say Iron Man or Dark Knight, kiss movies featuring female superheroes in the lead goodbye. They're already rare as it is, the movie industry )the MEN in cigars) looks down on movies featuring females in a mostly non-romantic roles. Love Interest, Femme Fatal, Sidekick. The standard slots for chicks. Mmmph.

Another factor in making a movie like a WW... the story. Apparently Greek mythos doesn't sell well in the US? I thought Percy Jackson was badass but oh well. Her story needs to be built, created and done in a way that makes her believable, relate-able, interesting, and obviously sellable. A WW movie project is going to be something very intense...

This panel was so eyeopening. I wish I could have recorded it to remember all of my thoughts (though the big one was 'Fuck them all, I'll write the WW screen play').

Fun was had. I got nice swag and now after having a glass of wine and cleaning my skin off of all that green (took a few passes), I think I'mma roll into bed. <3

Today was fabulous and got my mind off something annoying me in the back of my mind.

Sunday there's more to do, see and a Peter to try and meet! :D



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