Nov. 3rd, 2010 12:12 am
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I had the thought to advertise myself to a local face painting forum as a webpage 'cleaner', to professionalize a few face painter websites myself and Wendy have come across. And our first thoughts were 'Oh god its Geocities circa 1998 all over again'. You can see a few gems here

I mean, it wouldn't be too terribly hard to do and might be a decent source of additional income that doesn't need me to draw(I love drawing, but I have to admit it to myself, I R SLOW -.-), but the downfalls I suppose could and would be that I'm pretty behind on HTML since I'm like... HTML 4 point wat. XHTML lol what code porn? Don't even try me on something like say... php. And my CSS likes to break if I'm not watching my fingers while I write it. =\ My confidence in not being up to date is a bit of a... crutch? Yeah that.

There is also the fact that these ladies probably would go 'well I don't NEED my site redone, I did it myself and I still get business'... Stuff like that. Most of these women are 40+ (when me and Wendy plus a few others went to a Jam in SD... we WERE considered children. That's the large gap in the ages) and probably set in there way... I'm prevaricating and flailing at the same time. Woo.

I dunno. I suppose I could change my signature to reflect my service and hope someone bites...

I mean... I can do good work! See?! and

They're simple... clean... still have (or will have) images everywhere, but still good =D Right?

Ugh~ head hurts. Thinking too much bad! XD


checkerboardprincess: A headshot of a humanized cheesecake female pouting. (Default)

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