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I basically stayed up all night last night as an hour and fifteen of sleep is not a real sleep! 8|

Reason why? Well if you have me on twitter, I spammed you about it. Last night I watched Utada Hikaru's final concert before she goes on hiatus, WILD LIFE. It was on and was from 2am PST to 4:30am. Which was ungodly since I had shit to do today but I FOUND IT WORTH IT.

Over 20 songs, three 'costume' changes and all of them my favorites, even the two I didn't know because they're the new tracks on her Single Collection 2 which I do not OWN yet. And then there was the Interlude of EPICNESS that used one of the interludes from her Ultra Blue album and it was just beautiful and pwn. I cannot believe I'm saying this but I really hope someone was able to rip the stream... I WANT THAT SONG. @w@

The concert was really simple, but then again Hikki an artist like Ayu or Namie who has FUCK TONS of crazy shit going on. It was a simple round stage with lights at the edge. The standout parts where the space ship intro, the space ship looking weird chandelier thing which dropped to the stage and dropped her down onto a pedestal during the first song (her 'last' single Goodbye Happiness).

From there it was new song to old song to even older song (and a cover! Across the Universe!) and she even played piano for a few numbers, and she spoke to the crowd. I was lucky, because my friend Michie 'went' to the concert with me and was able to not exactly translate but give me a really big picture of what she was saying, talking about her hiatus and all. It was very sad, but very beautiful. Especially at the end when she walked off stage and the crowd was just screaming we love yous and praise. You could see the tears in her eyes, and when she bowed that final time I wanted to scream myself (but its was like 5am I couldn't do that).

I did cry though (Am crying now recalling the concert!). I feel a little SILLY for it, but I can't help it. Aside from Dreams Come True and TWO-MIX, Utada Hikaru was my first true music love. Not just like. But love. The kind of love where you actually learn as much as you can without being a creeper, support them even when they have a crap ton of haters (I.E: Her single Easy Breezy got so much hate, but dammit its cute!), and just feel pride knowing you're a fan of such a badass musician.

I adored her from the start, and love how the two of us are a bit similar, not counting our birthday (I totally wanna send her a birthday card btw)! To see her leave the stage for such a long unknown time makes me nervous that she might not come back, and then I'd just be done for (haha). But Hikki will return, she's like the cat that came back the very next day. Only much more adorable.

I am blessed and grateful I was able to stay up and witness this final pre-hiatus concert, and am very glad that she and her company decided to share it with the world as well. There was sixty thousand of us tuned into that concert last night. Sixty thousand pleased fans who love Hikki to bits.

But not as much as I do. ♥

EDIT: WILD LIFE set list:
Goodbye Happiness
Prisoner of Love
Hymne a Lamour
Sakura Drops


Show Me Love (Not A Dream) (New)
Stay Gold
Boku wa Kuma
First Love
Flavor of Life
Beautiful World
Nijiiro Basu

"Close" of Concert, Encore cheering!

Across the Universe cover
Can't Wait Til Christmas (New)
Time Will Tell
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Note to self #1: If going to LA, make a day trip out of it. Don't leave at 4:30 and think you'll make it to LA in two hours and 45 WITH TRAFFIC like Google Maps said.

Note to self #2: Be sure you know that they're tearing parts of the freeway apart after midnight and there are detours everywhere. And we mean -everywhere-.

Note to self #3: Bring. Earplugs. The after-effects of throbbing eardrums and feeling underwater? Not worth it.


Note to self #5: ... learn the names of the members of the bands you're seeing so you don't scream "I LOVE YOU MAN-SKIRT" and "I LOVE YOU LONG-HAIRED ONE" as Dir En Grey is leaving the stage.

Note to self #6: Continue to be impressed at little Japanese men with fucking epic vocal ranges. And at the fact four Finnish men, three with cellos and one on Drums can some how be fucking 'metal'.

So... with all these notes to self, you wonder if I had a great time.

In reality I did. It was super painful loud but good seeing as how it was my first experience with all three of the bands playing (Evaline/Evalune fuck if I know their real name it was too loud to hear, Dir En Grey and Apocalyptica).

But yeah, loud music, booze, fun... it was just a hassle getting BACK to San Diego due to all the fuckery on the 110 and the I-5. Blah! Next time we take I-5 to the 405. Can't fuck up there.

But now, I try to heal my wounded ears... and maybe sleep some more.

PS: Don't ask me what they sang. I KNOW NOTHING OF IT ALL. It didn't help that when the Finnish did try to talk it... vaskindasometingkindalikethisvithalotofmushyvushydictation


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