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This is an interesting thought. Many of you may or may not know or even care, but I classify myself as Christian, but I'm a bad one. Much like how you can be a Bad Catholic. As in 'non-practicing'.

I don't attend church (willingly), I don't quite read the bible, and I abhor anyone attempting to give me religious tracts/books or gifts. I hate anyone attempting to give me the former, because like I've said to Keiran, if you can't witness to me with your words before foisting a book upon me, I don't want to hear it, and I won't take the book, because it'll just end up litter and that's kind of a double slap to God and Christ. The latter... well no one knows my taste, and I'd rather not wear my religion on my sleeve, or... a t-shirt.

But today, after leaving a nice little 'sermon' of thoughts on my facebook regarding teens and suicide, I get approached both on and off facebook to become a mentor to a high-school ministry group? Sounds interesting, and I'd love to make a difference, but one wonders if my 'bad-Christian' (and also very 'liberal' what with my pro-choice, gays deserve marriage outlook) actions would be more of a hindrance in that settle than a help.

I think if anything, I'd rather 'minister' to a non-denominational group. Reach a wider audience, and use a safer turn of phrase, and not have to well... make TOO much of a fool of myself.

This make sense? I'm so weird! XD


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