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In my life? LOL I guess. Belated Happy New Year. I already got my first cold of the year. GO ME! I blame the fact I am not use to the snow, and I went to said snow the other day. I got beaned in the head and down the back with lots of that foreign white stuff. LOTS OF IT. Stupid violent friends. X/

I also popped my left knee out on the 19th of December, and it still hurts like a bitch if I walk too long, or put too much weight on it. I can't 'lock' it anymore either like I can my right. It hurts too much too. I need a brace...

Having this last pay period be depressingly... bad. Considering nearly 2/3rds of my workweek was rained out... ugh. I want the paycheck that'll be coming on the day before my birthday. THAT will be a badass check. I wannnt itttt (cuz I'm stupid broke as it is).

I need to get my learner's permit all over again. Since I fail at life (well more like the DMV does), and was unable to get a test in before it expired. Too bad I'm too broke for this atm.

Fuckin' California. ~.~ If you weren't so broke, there'd be more days to try for this shit instead of more closures/furloughs.

I'm hoping to get a face paint gig for sometime in February. Only worry is that the lady told me the last face painter they hired for an event charged $30/hr. That's pathetically low for a face painter in this area. In fact it almost ruins the business for the rest of us. I priced myself on my average sales/hr at work. Its actually somewhere around $95/hr, but I lowered it to $85. Most other painters in the Southern California region I've run into are triple digits...

I wonder if $30/hr even covers this last painter's overhead. For two hours, that's only $60 and barely pays for half my set of facepaints, and if it was a particularly busy two hours, some of my major colors would most likely need to be replaced afterwards - meaning in the end,if it were me, I'd have barely broke even. :/ Some people just assume anything over $8 should be A-OK. Oi.

In other newsy news, I personally got sick of trying to code and recode and code again several 'mini-sites' for all the various stuff I do now (artwork, jewelry, facepainting), so I've taken the plunge and gotten on the Word Press bandwagon after seeing how nice clean and shiny Neo's siblog (site+blog!) is. I'm trying it out here I've been spending most of my time playing with themes, but I think I like this one. Now, since I've done up my blogroll with sites I hit and stuffs - onto content!

Nothing is gonna stay the same really. I think. I DUNNO! I might just can the whole project (doubt it:). Tell me whatcha think of the skelly!

Annnnd.... I need to go to bed so my ass can get well. *zonk*



Nov. 3rd, 2010 12:12 am
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I had the thought to advertise myself to a local face painting forum as a webpage 'cleaner', to professionalize a few face painter websites myself and Wendy have come across. And our first thoughts were 'Oh god its Geocities circa 1998 all over again'. You can see a few gems here

I mean, it wouldn't be too terribly hard to do and might be a decent source of additional income that doesn't need me to draw(I love drawing, but I have to admit it to myself, I R SLOW -.-), but the downfalls I suppose could and would be that I'm pretty behind on HTML since I'm like... HTML 4 point wat. XHTML lol what code porn? Don't even try me on something like say... php. And my CSS likes to break if I'm not watching my fingers while I write it. =\ My confidence in not being up to date is a bit of a... crutch? Yeah that.

There is also the fact that these ladies probably would go 'well I don't NEED my site redone, I did it myself and I still get business'... Stuff like that. Most of these women are 40+ (when me and Wendy plus a few others went to a Jam in SD... we WERE considered children. That's the large gap in the ages) and probably set in there way... I'm prevaricating and flailing at the same time. Woo.

I dunno. I suppose I could change my signature to reflect my service and hope someone bites...

I mean... I can do good work! See?! and

They're simple... clean... still have (or will have) images everywhere, but still good =D Right?

Ugh~ head hurts. Thinking too much bad! XD
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I'm sharing my DreamHost account with a friend now, she went ahead and bought a domain ( and I thought I successfully attached it to its own DH user/directory.

But this morning my game's site ( is 'down'. Technically everything is still accessible if you do /index.htm but... that's not what I want! I went in and discovered that the folder for was in the directory for! Bad! Very very bad. I deleted it, but I wonder if that was... wise.

And is not showing the DH parked page although it SHOULD be. Should have been since Thursday! I set the nameservers, I did everything like I did to attach, AND (pre-bork) to that same damn DH account, now everything is borked, but everything LOOKS FINE... so I cannot tell what I did.

THIS HURTS MY HEAD \(T^T)/ (/^\) Whhhhhyyyy what did I doooooooooooooooooo!


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