Jan. 15th, 2011

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The Suites finally got back to me with a confirmation email. Of course, it'd help if the ninnies got my email right (xaibezginz? wat?), so after playing the 'x as in x-ray' game they got the shit right. lolololol.

Room is labeled for four adults. I don't care if there are six. I will care if there are more. Only drama is that apparently they gave us one damn bed (claimed in the name of the females!). I'll try again later to see if I can get two beds... or at least see if we can't get a roll away or something. The sofa already counts as a sleeping area anyway.

Check-in is on Thursday the 19th, Check-out is on Monday the 23rd.

The confirmed attendees as far as I know are myself, Dat and Oni (if this is wrong lemme know;)

The possibles know who they be.

I need solid affirmatives by May 1st, 2011, so that I may bill you all proper. Like I said in my last post regarding ACen rooming, I want payment in my PayPal by at least the week of unless we discuss it all prior. Please keep this post in mind. I even have it tagged special so don't forget it.

Any questions?

EDIT: P.S. Please pray I get into their bloody Artist Alley. or I will be a very saaaaad pandy.

EDIT 2: Room rate is $175/night. Room is booked under my name. We have it for four (4)nights (19th-22nd, check out on 23rd). When I know how many will be in the room, I will split the bill.


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